November 2023 | In Field Medical Mission Trip | Guyana

Nov 5 2023 - Nov 11 2023
Our weeklong experiences provide a unique, impactful cultural and educational experience for our volunteers. Through implementing the same short-term experience across all project sites, we are able to see long-term, sustainable effects that serve the ultimate good.
As a volunteer, you are a representative of The Blueprint Foundation in the regions we serve. The legacy you leave will be what we continue to build upon for years after your departure. With this responsibility, The Blueprint Foundation holds our representatives to high expectations while in the field.

Sample Weekly Itinerary:


Conduct medical outreach in region 10 and surrounding villages of region 4 . Our volunteers are incredibly valuable in fulfilling different clinic roles such as working with the registration, provider or pharmacy teams. These medical outreaches refer patients, promote our permanent medical center and continue setting a precedent for quality healthcare throughout the region.

Fun-day activity specific to the region to celebrate our accomplishments.

$2,200 Base (Includes all logistics on the ground) + Flight Cost + Lodging + Equipment + Three Meals a day + $50 Application Fee

If you would like to purchase your own ticket the price will be deducted from the base total.
$1,550: (Includes all logistics on the ground) + Lodging + Equipment + Three Meals a day + $50 Application Fee

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Fundraising Goal:


Roxanne Hermanstyne




$550.00 First Fundraising Deadline Due 6/25/2023
$550.00 Second Fundraising Deadline Due 7/25/2023
$550.00 Third Fundraising Deadline Due 8/25/2023
$550.00 Last Fundraising Deadline Due 9/25/2023



  1. You must have an eligible passport.
  2. We expect you to be timely in response for correspondence.
  3. Completion of all Pre-Trip Requirements
  4. You must follow all State Department + travel requirements for COVID-19 and immunizations.


  1. Non-Medical Roles: registration, pharmacy, logistics assistance and clinic coordination
  2. Medical Roles: dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, triage, registered nurse, provider, and pharmacy
  3. Adhere to Blueprint Foundation guidelines for appropriate conduct
  4. Respect your fellow teammates
  5. Value patient interactions
  6. Be open-minded
  7. Be ready to change plans
  8. Enjoy a little (well, a lot of) dirt under your fingernails
  9. Think with long-term impact in mind


  1. You must be 18 years or older or with a parent/guardian.


  1. Log on to Service Reef | Review and keep up with tasks assigned
  2. Review our Fundraising Guide + personalize your online fundraising page & begin fundraising or making payments!
  3. Attend optional Q+A and pre-trip preparation meetings.
  4. Review US State Department + CDC travel requirements and recommendations (this is also a task assigned).
  5. Participate in required online training.


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